In July of 2013 there was an 8.04% increase in the unemployment rate in Olt County, Romania. Due to the lack of jobs, people were forced into industrialized towns within a radius of 150 km; many of them left for other countries to provide for their family. Many families, however, do not have a single member with a stable or seasonal job.a rod, not a fish(1) In these conditions, people of working age are unable to provide a decent living for their family. A Fishing Rod, Not a Fish aims to provide, encourage, and teach various methods of self support to able and willing people. The project intends to provide support and resources for people to start and develop their own small businesses. The „fishing rod” can be resources such as chickens, goats, cows, beehives, and plants and seeds for gardens and greenhouses, among other things. Such resources can give families the opportunity to provide food for themselves, or financial income from selling the products, as well as the satisfying feeling of being useful. Within a few years, beneficiaries are encouraged to return the resources they have received. This allows other families or individuals to have the opportunity to benefit from this project as well. Criteria for Beneficiaries

  • Families and individuals in need
  • Able to work, but unemployed
  • A desire to learn and work with others to develop a small business
  • Physical space to develop projects (i.e. a backyard or plot of land)

Get Involved 

  • Provide financial support
  • Purchase a „fishing rod” (i.e. cows, goats, chickens)
  • Promote the project in your church or other organization